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Universal Chain

When you partner with Universal Chain, you're working with a company that's focused solely on unlaoding and 3PL solutions. Unlike other lumping companies, we provide logistics services as part of the industry standard unloading fees. Better yet, with our Price Matching Plus you can see savings from day one. We'll tell you what's behind the pricing, and we'll beat your current unloading company's fees by 5% — minimum!

Our services were developed from the ground up to include the entire truck check-in and check-out process: traffic and yard management, inbound schedule management, door assignments, driver dispatch, BOL handling, dock staging, dock turn-time management, quality unloading, and lumping revenue control and analytics. We expedite scheduled appointment compliance and keep your entire inbound operation moving and getting ahead.

Not only will you enjoy a new level of control over the entire process, but you can gain substantial financial advantages:

  • Programs that improve carrier and vendor behavior by almost 5%
  • Hundreds of man-hours saved between your staff and on-site vendors
  • Increased focus on uncovering efficiencies that trim Active Door Times by 20%
  • Reduction in HOS detention liability to ZERO
  • Collusion 100% eliminated by removing any need for cash on your docks
  • Reduction of driver appointment management by 95% on your front line
  • A damaged product tracking system (DOCS) that instantly IDs potential liability
  • Fee-based programs that help offset your growing industry costs by millions
  • Front line inspections that improve your pallet quality substantially — saving you thousands


Initial assessment

When we visit a new customer, our assessment team's main goal is to identify and thoroughly understand your needs, preferences, and expectations. These on-site assessments, a free service offered to new clients, give us the opportunity to show you the professional expertise we're known for. This proactive approach lets us quickly assess your legacy process and systems and start building solutions for you from the ground up. We've learned a lot about lumping in the past 30 years — we practically invented the industry — so we can help you find cost-cutting opportunities you might not even have known existed.


Proof of cost savings

We provide metrics to back up what we say — quantifiable proof that can help you get more out of your budget. Regular reports will highlight the efficiencies you've gained, trucks and freight we've handled, and the money you've saved. You'll even see areas ripe for future improvements.

Growth / flexibility service offering

We understand your business is always evolving with the marketplace. As your needs change, we grow with you to provide the assistance and expertise you need. In addition, our teams can be utilized for responsibilities beyond unloading:

  • Dispatch and on-call lumping
  • Hostlers
  • Pallet load-ups
  • Pallet repair
  • Pallet sorting & segregating
  • Product inspection / QA process
  • Product Recovery Center (PRC) operations
  • Sanitation
  • Scheduling assistance
  • Temperature inspections
  • Tote washing
  • Truck receiving and freight shuttling


Warehouse Manager, Client

"Working hand-in-hand with Universal Chain daily on our dock has driven our receiving numbers to new heights."

Warehouse Manager, Client

"The Universal Chain team does an outstanding job of providing world-class service to my facilities. The Universal Chain team is professional and goal orientated; we work together as a single unit all focused on a just-in-time mindset."

Director of Operations, Client

"Our warehouse has partnered with Universal Chain for over 20 years. They've provided quality lumping service for all our facilities. Their availability is 24/7 and all issues that arise are dealt with promptly and resolved quickly. They handle all of the inbound receiving and supply a great tracking tool for optimal production efficiencies."


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