UChain is a US-based 3PL supply chain partner that offers extensive labor market flexibility, seamless inbound logistics, and stand-alone or integrated software solutions. We have over 40+ years of hands-on experience across North America and remain laser-focused on responsiveness, service execution, and delivering consistent measurable results for our warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, shipper, and carrier partners. 


Devotion to ceaselessly delivering superior service through a fierce commitment to our supply chain partners and team members. Our unwavering focus on quality, innovation and our team’s development delivers sustainable and unrivaled operational and financial results. 


Respect for People 

We value our team members, encourage their development and reward their performance. 

Partner Commitment 

We are obsessed with helping our partners achieve their goals and build their supply chain networks. 


We take personal responsibility for our own safety and those around us, while recognizing and correcting potential hazards. 

Personal Accountability 

We hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering on our commitments and representing the UChain brand. 


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. 


We are committed to building and sustaining processes that deliver unrivaled first pass standards. 


We empower our team members to work as one, across all boundaries, to exceed the needs of our partners and achieve UChain success. 

Good Citizenship 

We are productive citizens and invest in the communities in which we live and work. 

Will to Win 

We demonstrate an unrelenting will to win in every aspect of our business. 

Joe Curry headshot UChain

Joe Curry 


Joe has 20+ years of progressive leadership experience. He’s a driven & calculated leader with the ability to manage diverse work forces & a passionate brand & Supply Chain ambassador.  His leadership creates a foundation of success for all team members & believes strongly in a customer-centric culture that promotes ownership, creativity, innovation, employee engagement, & establishes core standards & values. His career is built on a set of beliefs that include; surrounding himself with intelligent & diverse people, making a tangible contribution every day, sprinting forward to new opportunities, & always doing more than what is expected. 

Mike Peterson 


Mike has a wealth of experience in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, & CPG industries and has successfully held VP roles with a broad range of companies. He has a proven track record in process improvement, streamlining operations, and improving asset management. Mike is known for his strong operational skills as well as his ability to lead in challenging union and non-union environments. With a passion for people Mike’s focus on inclusion, purpose, and development has allowed him to build top notch teams and long-lasting partnerships across the country. 

Mike Croker 


With nearly two decades of industry specific and UChain experience Mike has been an integral part of moving the industry and UChain forward. With Mike’s extensive experience his insight remains invaluable to partners and team members across all facets of the fast paced industry. With a passion for analytics, customer service, and servant leadership, Mike’s approach has created a proven track record of business success across the country.  

Joe Curry headshot UChain

Mark Mercer 


Mark has several decades of hands-on leadership experience in high volume distribution centers across the country. Having intimate knowledge of warehouse and transportation systems, overall complexities, and what it requires to operate successfully, Mark’s industry knowledge remains a critical piece for his team and partners overall success. Mark has a proven record with solving complex Supply Chain problems and always finding a way to get things across the finish line.    

Lane Ennis 


As an adaptable and mission-driven business executive, Lane has demonstrated long-term success in providing strategic, operational, and technical leadership to achieve sustainable business growth. His visionary leadership style strikes a balance between compassion and accountability and models radical transparency to achieve team alignment while showcasing decisive leadership. Throughout his career Lane has championed change by streamlining processes for maximum efficiency and profitability, re-positioning talent, and deploying operational efficiency techniques, and innovative solutions. 

Steven Williams 


With a passion for hands-on technical business leadership, Steve continually tackles difficult challenges head-on and creates an environment that delivers consistent tangible results. As an adaptable executive focused on strategic leadership Steve is determined to carry out enhanced internal and Supply Chain processes that foster long-term improvements and elevate the industry and organization’s performance. Steve remains obsessed with building high-performing teams that are laser focused on innovating the next revolutionary product.