UChain, a leading third-party logistics provider (3PL), has recently added a new client to its already impressive roster on the West Coast. This new 100,000-square-foot food distribution facility highlights UChain’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continues its growth across North America. Let’s take a closer look at UChain’s services, the industries they serve, and why this new client is a significant addition to their portfolio. 

UChain’s primary service is unloading, and they specialize in handling perishable goods such as produce, meats, poultry, dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, and other items. Their staff has extensive experience in the industry, ensuring that all loads are handled with care while maintaining industry-leading safety standards. It’s this commitment to quality that has earned them a reputation as a 3PL provider of choice for so many clients across North America. 

This new client is a significant addition to UChain’s already-impressive portfolio. It highlights their commitment to continued growth in the food distribution industry. This new facility is 1,000,000 square feet and is located on the East Coast. It’s an exciting time for UChain, and this addition only furthers their reputation as a top-notch provider of 3PL services. 

As COO Joe Curry says, “This is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication in providing exceptional service and quality for our current customers which had lead to this new business.” The team at UChain is passionate about delivering top-notch services and ensuring that their customers are satisfied with the level of care they provide. As they continue to expand their client base and offer more comprehensive services, we can expect to see UChain’s growth continue across North America. 

This new client is a significant milestone for the company and highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction. As a leading 3PL provider in North America, UChain’s reputation continues to attract clients from diverse industries seeking reliable and quality services. 

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